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Are you tired of trying all of the fad diets, “detoxes”, and “cleanses”, and nothing seems to keep the weight off long term? Did your doctor just diagnose you with “pre-diabetes” or Celiac Disease, and you have no idea where to start?

As a Registered Dietitian, I can help you with an individualized nutrition plan that can transform your health and yes, even your body to meet your desired goals! Are you ready to start living your best and most healthiest life?

Let’s walk through this journey together.

Ways I Can Help

Food Sensitivity Testing

Individualized Nutrition Needs

Setting Calorie & Macro Goals

Weight Management & Support

Customized Meal Planning

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“Rachel is the BEST! She really listens to her patients and is a wealth of knowledge! Hands down the most helpful appointment I have ever had! I walked away with answers and a game plan!”

“I was so glad to see that Rachel Doan’s expertise on the web was on stomach issues (no other dietician listed that).  I have seen her twice and emailed her several times about my stomach issues.  She has given me all the tools I needed to make better choices on my diet.  I would recommend her for any health issue because she researches and gives & sends you recipes to help.  Also, she is very empathetic.  I could go on and on about how she has helped me.”